Why is Lipforge closing?

// accueil 2012-06-15

An obsolete system

Lipforge runs on an obsolete version of GForge. Security and features have become an issue. In the source and version management field, CVS was the only system supported. Though it still was quite popular in 2004, it has been overrun by more modern systems like SVN, Git, etc..

Why did not we move to a more recent (and hassle-free migration) version of GForge?

Well, we are not confident on the route this project is following nowadays. Gforge has become a business with a closed up-to-date version of the system and a free version lagging behind, despite all the efforts of the community edition maintainers. We are not sure that features and patches will smoothly continue to flow from the closed to the open-source versions. We understand this migration is an annoyance four our users, as it is for us.

Why switching to Redmine?

New open-source project management systems have emerged since 2004. Redmine is one of them, it has a wide user base and is actively developped (even if it has problems of it's own too, as with the ChiliProject fork, there is no safe bet!).

Why join forces with the CBP (Centre Blaise Pascal)?

There is a wide offer of forges to host you projects from different institutions. They generally have more resources they can devote to a forge management than a lab or a small team. In this context, we could not justify the manpower spent for running a local forge of our own (wathever it's advantages migth be over “institutional” services).

By joining forces with the CBP we think we can reach two goals:

  • offer a flexible, next-door service to our users, which is the main justification of a localy run forge ;
  • keep the manpower drain acceptable in regard to our other activities.

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