This page is history! The effort of CRlibm developers has moved to the MetaLibm project. There will be no release of CRlibm after 1.0beta5. Still, feel free to contact us on MetaLibm for CRlibm-related stuff.



Current main developers

Past developers

  • David Defour
  • Catherine Daramy-Loirat
  • Matthieu Gallet
  • Nicolas Gast

Many thanks to....

  • Vincent Lefèvre
  • Patrick Pelissier
  • Paul Zimmermann
  • Marc Daumas
  • Sylvie Boldo
  • Guillaume Melquiond
  • Nathalie Revol
  • Arnaud Tisserand
  • Andrey Naraikin
  • Sergei Maidanov
  • Evgeny Gvozdev
  • Phil Defert
  • Eric McIntosh
  • Serge Torres
  • ÉNS de Lyon
  • Université de Perpignan